Network Marketing a Top Choice for Busy Stay at Home Moms

The decision to be a stay-at-home mom comes with a lot of sacrifices for the modern family. The biggest of these is often a considerable pay cut as a career woman leaves her job in order to raise the children. More women are turning to work at home opportunities to improve the family’s finances while maintaining a flexible schedule and reducing stress.

Any quick search for work at home opportunities reveals thousands of options. Sifting through all the information and determining which small business structures and moneymaking methods are viable can be a very complicated procedure. While there are many options available on the Internet, network marketing or multilevel marketing provides a genuine possibility of real income and the personal support needed to achieve it.

What do stay-at-home moms want out of a business opportunity?

Stay-at-home mom with two young children earns money working from home with Max International

Women leave the workforce when they have children so they can raise them and enjoy spending time with them. Leaving their job can greatly affect the financial standing and budgets constraints of the family, so the decision must be made by both parents and with much discussion and re-budgeting to make sure the lifestyle is not unduly affected.

Stay-at-home moms want to replace all or part of their former income and they want to do it with minimal stress and the least amount of work possible. Whatever hours they need to work must be flexible so they can tailor their schedule to the needs of their children.

Another common complaint of stay-at-home moms is the feeling of disconnect from the professional world that they enjoyed previously. Staying at home to raise small children can make it feel like you are caught in a world filled with diapers, sippy cups and preschool songs. Being able to identify as a professional woman and a stay-at-home mom is very attractive.

What is network marketing?

Network or multilevel marketing is a business model that utilizes the power of community to build greater income for many at the same time. When a person starts with a particular opportunity they are introduced to their team, which consists of successful leaders who can guide them toward profit more quickly than if they worked alone. As time goes by, the new people become leaders themselves and can help others find the types of benefits that stay at home moms cannot usually find.

The benefits are many. Stay moms can build a considerable income without the need to pay for childcare. The best part is that, after your team is built and successful, much of the income is passive. This means that it will keep flowing even if you need to take a break or reduce your hours as your parenting responsibilities change. They also have the choice to set their own hours, stay flexible and retain the power to build a future that includes true financial freedom and a magnificent lifestyle.

Why is network marketing the best choice for stay-at-home moms?

Every single reason a woman would start a small business of her own while staying home to raise her children is fulfilled by multilevel marketing opportunities.

  1. Replace or exceed former income No other opportunity has the potential for high earnings like network marketing businesses. With minimal training, which is provided by most multilevel marketing companies, and the support of your upper-level team, it is not uncommon to quickly make $2,000 to $5,000 each month. Over time this residual income increases as your team grows.
  2. Stay flexible and do not let work hours interfere with the enjoyment of the kids Many other online earning methods require you to keep regular hours or be available for contact by email and phone at any time. Getting involved with a successful MLM program means true flexibility for your schedule. Want to work for two hours in the afternoon while the baby takes a nap? No problem. Can only get in a few hours on the weekend? While your income is dependent on how much work you can get done each week, even a small amount at different times of day can build up.
  3. Stay connected to the professional world and network with like-minded people No one is ever alone in the network marketing industry. While a group of stay-at-home moms may still discuss preschool problems and funny things their kids do, the same group who are on the same team in a multilevel marketing program also have the connections that keep them in tune with their education and professional backgrounds. This contact helps to strengthen the mind and keep learning more than new cartoon jingles and ways to get picky eaters try vegetables.

Why choose network marketing rather than starting a small business on your own?

As the name implies, the best part about network marketing is being part of a network of people who are all working toward the common goal of owning their own business and building a large income from the comfort of their own homes. Each person’s ultimate success is tied into the success of the team, which means that helping others will help you realize your dreams more quickly.

When many stay-at-home moms complain about feeling disconnected from the professional world that they enjoyed when they were working, the networking involved in this business model helps give that back to them. Going it alone as an entrepreneur can be very stressful and difficult. Getting involved with multilevel marketing buoys individual success together.

Do you want to help others realize their dreams while you stay at home and raise your children? Do you want to make more money than you did in your former job while setting your own hours around the needs of your family? Do you want to maintain professional connections and constantly learn and grow as an individual while creating a lifestyle that you never imagined would be possible?

Network marketing or multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities have been doing this for people from all walks of life for many years. No other work at home business model provides this type of income, flexibility and connectivity. It is a smart choice for intelligent stay-at-home moms who wanted all without missing one moment of their child’s growth and development.