What are ‘Toxins’?

Toxins are poisonous substances that cause significant harm to your body. There are two general categories of toxins.

1. Natural toxins:

These are the age-old disease-causing bacteria and viruses that we have known through history. There are an endless variety of germs and diseases that contains or releases a toxin when they attack our bodies. The result of those attacks is the disease and sickness that afflict us, from a common cold to the dreaded plague.

2. Environmental toxins:

These are the new post-industrial revolution, human-made chemical, and poisons. The list of these toxins is also endless. Consider some of these potentially harmful chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis.

  • Smog from car, cigarette, and even household cleaners contains toxin.
  • Pesticides and herbicides pollute our water and can stay in the soil for generations.
  • The medication and drug we take often have significant side effects, wearing down our natural autoimmune defenses.
  • Many of the perfumes and make-up we use have toxins that can be inhaled or enter our body through pores in our skin.
  • There are toxins in the foods we eat, from contaminated tuna with too much mercury to chicken force feed with an insane amount of growth hormones.
  • Every day we are bombarded by all kinds of electromagnetic wavelengths generated from our cell phones to the microwave in our kitchen. We are unaware the harmful effects these devices can cause because they are such an integral part of our lives. However, a startling statistic shows brain tumor patients, invariably have a tumor on the side you hold your phone. Meaning, if you are right handed your tumor will be on the right side.

Living in the 21 century means we have to deal with a double whammy of toxins, one from Mother Nature and the other from man, and it is hard to tell which is more harmful to our health.

100 years ago cancer was an unknown disease, causing less than 3% of mortality. Today cancer claims more than 50% of annual death in America and the primary cause of this dreaded disease if the harmful toxins and free radicals our bodies are exposed to.

The good news is your body produces a natural defense against these toxins; it is called Glutathione, known to many as the ‘master antioxidant‘. Glutathione is so important to our health you can judge a person’s overall health and how long they will live just by measuring their glutathione level.

Glutathione is Our Body’s Natural Detoxifier

There are trillions of cells in our body, and every one of them depends on glutathione to protect and sustain them against toxins and free radicals. These are the essential benefits of glutathione in your body.

  • Studies have shown that when glutathione levels go up the oxidative stress level and cellular inflammation both go down. Stress and cellular inflammation is a direct cause of Cancer.
  • Glutathione supports and strengthens our immune systems. It is even found in the lens of our eyes because it protects us against UV radiation.
  • Glutathione is often called the ‘currency‘ of the immune system. Our white cells and T cells must have proper levels of glutathione in order for them to do their job correctly.

However, natural aging process and bad eating habits will reduce glutathione production. When we are age 21 statistics shows our body provides the highest amount of glutathione. After age 21 our body takes a straight-line decline in production, about 1% per year. When glutathione in our body is low, then a long list of physical ailments will follow. Common complaints include physical lethargy, forgetfulness, joint pains, depression, and more susceptible to sickness.

The medical challenge is how to intervene and replace the naturally decreasing glutathione levels in our aging bodies. If science succeeds it would be a minor miracle, on par with discovering the fountain of youth.

Scientific Quest for Glutathione Health

In decades past medical technology could not find an effective way to deliver glutathione to our body. Glutathione cannot be consumed orally. Our digestive system will just destroy all the health benefits.

There was a medical alternative, a glutathione IV. However, an IV procedure could cost up to $600 per treatment, which put it beyond the budgets of average patients. It was only given to professional athletes and entertainment stars.

A breakthrough manufacture process has been developed that made it affordable and effective for everyone to get a daily dose of glutathione supplement directly. This method is called A-lipids ohm, which is a small, microscopic, oily bubble. This is a nano-size oil that glutathione can be incorporated inside. With this method, you take the supplement orally, but the oil protect the glutathione from the digestive acids and is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, and from there delivered directly to the individual cells in your body.

This revolutionary advances in creating an affordable glutathione supplement have made it a favorite in the beauty industry. Doctors to the stars and celebrities have raved about the benefits and results of glutathione. They have attributed everything from a more youthful look to lighter skin and endless energy to burn. The doctors often use themselves as case examples to the countless benefits of a glutathione supplement.

The fact that glutathione is a multifaceted fixer for all parts of your body is another huge plus. Unlike skin collagen meant only for a narrow purpose, glutathione is an overall antioxidant that delivers health benefits to every cell, to each organ. It is a hundred times more potent than vitamin C. So regardless of your objectives; whether for health, beauty or general wellness, it is prudent that you investigate to see if a glutathione supplement is right for you.

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