Is a Work-at-Home Job Right for You?

Have you secretly been thinking about finding a work-at-home job, but you just aren’t quite sure if it’s for you? The truth is, thousands of people have taken the plunge and are now enjoying the benefits. Working from home isn’t just about small perks, it’s about freedom, quality of life, lifestyle changes, choosing your career and taking control of your life.

Lifestyle Changes/Improving Quality of Life

Many people make acceptable incomes and have enough to pay their bills. However, it’s likely you make a mad dash in the mornings to start your commute to work, put in your 8 or 10 hours, run errands after work and make it home just before dark to say hi to the kids. Perhaps a lifestyle change is in order?

So, what’s wrong with this picture? Obviously, you’re doing okay, but your quality of life may be suffering and you lack freedom. A work-at-home job provides a great deal of flexibility, freedom and the ability to live life the way you want to.

Work Options

Making the switch between working for a company and working from home can be exciting and challenging. You can start any kind of business you like such as a paint business, gardening service, accounting business, web design or even a dog walking service.

However, you can also choose from a wide variety of work-at-home jobs on the Internet, working as an independent contractor or an employee. With Internet access, you could work at a call center, write articles, transcribe voice recordings or work as a virtual assistant.

Family Time

Wasted time commuting to and from the job can now be spent enjoying time with your kids and spouse. Kids won’t come home to an empty house, and you can attend all their school functions like you’ve always wanted.

Changing jobs or careers when working from home may mean working fewer hours, which equates to more family time. Work-at-home jobs often affords so much flexibility that many parents find they can even choose to home school their kids if desired.


You’ll discover that you’re entitled to vacations. When you’re self-employed or working from home, you won’t be restricted by company vacation rules or putting in enough work hours to justify time off. You’ve just been given a little bit of decision-making power and freedom over your life.

Striking a Balance Between Work and Personal Life

From the moment you start to work-at-home, you’ll notice how much more time you have to get things done and get organized. On break, you can start dinner or sweep the living room. Once you eliminate traveling to and from work, you open up all kinds of possibilities for improving work and your personal life.

Financial Benefits

You’ll enjoy many of these financial benefits when you work-at-home.

  • Save on gas, repairs, parking and maintenance costs for the car.
  • Less driving could reduce car insurance costs.
  • Buying bus or train tickets to work could be a thing of the past.
  • Expensive clothes for work aren’t needed at home.
  • No more out of pocket expenses for work lunches.
  • Day care costs may be eliminated.

Entrepreneurs Save Lots of Money

New entrepreneurs starting a business from home won’t incur the additional rental or purchasing costs associated with a new commercial property, which can add up quickly. Granted, your home business will increase utility costs, and you may need additional phone lines or Internet service installed in your home office if it’s not already equipped.

However, the chances are good that your home is already equipped with a laptop, phone, printer and Internet, which means no additional investments are required to get your business up and running!

Writing Off Taxes for the Business

Legitimate businesses registered with the state may entitle you to write off a number of your business expenses on taxes. It’s well worth the time to research home business tax write offs or hire an accountant to make sure everything is done right.


Many people that work at home earn more or have fewer expenses like childcare or the cost of business suits. Their quality of life is improved, they have enough to pay their bills, and they can finally put money away in savings for a rainy day or set aside money for retirement.

Health Considerations

Reduced Exposure to Colds & Flu

Working at home means you’ll have less exposure to all the sick people that drag themselves into work and spread their colds throughout the office.

Eating Healthier

When working at a company or in an office your food choices are often limited by your money, time for lunch and nearby restaurants. At home, you can make tasty lunches that are healthy and more nutritious.


If you’re self-employed or schedule your own work hours, you can choose when and where you get your exercise. Getting enough exercise is critical to remaining healthy and enjoying a quality lifestyle.

Reduced Stress

Just getting to and from work and dropping off kids for day care can be highly stressful. Stress can cause a number of health issues, which can be virtually eliminated when working a job from home that you really like.

Mental Health/Sick Days

You’re in charge of the business, and if you need an afternoon off to rejuvenate or take a sick day, it’s your decision.

Confidence and Control

Whether you work on the Internet as an independent contractor or run your own business from home, you’ll be in control of the number of hours you work and what you do for a living. This is a great way to improve confidence and feel good about your career.

Co-workers/Cranky Bosses

Unfortunately, you can’t always choose your co-workers or your boss. Working in a small office with inconsiderate, obnoxious or loud co-workers can be distracting and it makes work difficult. These distractions and cranky bosses are eliminated when working out of the home if you’re self-employed!

Service Calls

Setting up service calls for home repairs is easy because you’re at home working. You won’t need to take vacation time or dash home only to find you missed the repair person.

You Have Choices

Working from home allows you to choose when and where you work. If you want to work till midnight or work by the pool, you can. You’re no longer constrained by standard business operations, and if working with the radio turned up full blast makes you more productive, then do it!

Technology Makes Work Possible

New technology, software applications and a variety of services offered online allow people to run a business or work online from home with ease. Today, people from all types of backgrounds are able to run online businesses successfully using meeting applications, VOIP services, business platforms, email, social media sites and websites.

Start Your Own Work-at-Home Business

Sadly, many people dismiss the idea of starting their own business because of time and money. However, with the money you save by not working for someone else and the time saved in commuting, you may have the money and the time to make your dreams come true!

If starting a new career, improving your quality of life, gaining family time and taking control over your life and decisions sound like great benefits, you might consider one of the many work-at-home business opportunities available today.